Alien: Covenant 2017 full movie online

On the way to a remote planet in the universe, the crew of the colony ship "Konventan" discovers what they believe is unresolved paradise, but actually a dark and dangerous world - whose only resident son David survived prometeyska doomed expedition.

Crew the colonial ship "Voice" spotted on a remote planet discovered paradise with great danger beyond imagination and must try to escape. The crew of colonial ship "covenant" to a remote planetaOther sideFrom the galaxy, finds that he is believed to be unresolved paradise, but it is dark and dangerous world. When public threat beyond imagination, they should try to escape

Coupled to a remote planet in the universe members (Katrin Uotarstan, Billy Krudup) of the Colonial Ship "Agreement" They found that they considered undiscovered paradise. While there, she meets David (Michael Fassbender), a synthetic survivor of the doomed expedition of Prometheus. The most mysteriousWorld soon darken dangerous as hostile alien life forms force crew to hit a deadly battle to survive.

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