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3 Idiotas 2017 watch online

Friends are trying to find a friend from college who disappeared without a trace before graduation day.

A group of friends embark on a fun adventure determined to find a roommate from college who disappeared without a trace after graduation day.


The Witcher 3 32-Bit

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

Games: Windows: Full Game: English

About the game:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a video game aksierolspelende in an open world environment.

While similar to the previous game Witcher, The Wild Hunt improving various aspects of previous games.

Combat revolves around action role-playing system in kombinacijakoristenjemagic.

System battle has been completely redesigned.

Wild Hunt introduces some new mechanics as feeling Witcher, horseback riding, and sea, swimming under water, and the use of the crossbow.

In addition, Geralt can now jump, climb and vault over pomaliprechki.

mechanics climbIt described as "not much" as Assassin's Creed, but more "similar to what we have in the uncharted."

creation of goods and drankbrouery remains, as in previous games, but changed to The Witcher 2.

There are 10 characters The Witcher, 5 originals, each with one of the alternatives



Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 / / 10

Processor: Intel i5-2500K CPUKern / AMD processor Phenom II X4 940

History: 6 GB RAM memory

Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 660 / GPU AMD Radeon HD 7870

Hard drive: 45 GB of free space


This version of the game is already cracked - just install andgame.

vkluchenisite updates, DLC and expansions of blood and wine.

How to install:

After taking done:

- open part01 (executable file)

- Choose a place

- click install,

- Wait until the end

- Play with a shortcut on the desktop.

If you like this gametorrent houSaaida others.



Call of Duty: Black Ops III 64-Bit

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a futuristic first person shooter. In 2065, you play as technologically advanced superhuman, I Robocop saved the army. It continued emphasis on futuristic war allows more flow and toys classic CoD-range partitioned.

Vienikogash canblame series of expensive content, and contains this latest installment Treyarch another story campaign focus, futuristic multiplayer mode and film noir zombies.

more CoD

Black Ops III campaign includes only debauchery in previous titles Black Ops. That said, as onlosmaklik link, the topic still keepthis part of the call of duty world to a very definite way of getting more powerful military technologies - a chance to think about what it means to be human.

tomaterializirat form of cyber update your player created herojotpo critical isGewond - provides an opportunity for allimpressive technology. It includes a visual overlay that can continuously be used for important elements of the world, to highlight how micro-missile lock automatically targets and forces Swarms electronic bespilotniavioni who feel more Army Of Two as Call of Duty.It is linked to more nimble sense of action, but azMislя that expected from robotic legs.

The problem is that all this is only used in reisAf typically route train route horse-storys conclusion. He feels not mestoza series, but previous years vertakkingsverhale me hope for morethis latest installment. I think Treyarch is more focused on action and liquid fantastic view - that that - I want my care.

dokatoedinstveniяt player this year this year I felt a little ugly, Black Ops multiplayer options IIIpravoto right gelêTot opportunity to play in the campaignduring the campaign, which undoubtedly added level of fun in the race.

Roboco of

Multiplayer also take full advantage of the futuristic setting with all polnachibeneficii and bonuses Killstreak updated to otgovarяt.Vъpreki that, despite frequent occurrence, they stillThey fit into predictable roles.

Take My personal gunstelingDie - Robotic Sentry land is mostly just a bonus K-9. Why do I keep it? Well, it looks like a bad vlezRobot Wars. Unfortunately, in comparison with massive Cerberus tank, it's pretty useless.

Multiplayer action and keep nicemobile devices podobennachin for Titan Fall, with the ability to move and wall run. And to feel anything funny, add all vertical konsvetot that creates new tactical options.

Black OpsIII multiplayer set known nine karakterspesialiteite. Each one can be upgradedindividually and come with their own unique abilities and weapons. Lessons like nomads sitting able to drone attack while Outrider zavisniod powerful bow umeniя.Tezi options allow the use of different tactical variations between classes, and succeed in the standard CoD multiplayer dynamicsto mix a bit.

Added to that multitude of game modes - including restoring Hard Point, Domination and Team Deathmatch and multipleerfanovi will be enough to release.

For Treyarch Trifecta however, you need a zombie mode returns sOtmъщenieto. In 1940, it is clear a different feel to the restgame. But she keeps all the fans love fashion, with a hint of Lovecraftian horror and all the stars glasistorija that includes Jeff Goldblum. I feel I need to say anything more.

Rejuvenation or restructured?

I had high hopes for the call of Duty: Black Ops III. he hadfirst three godinida Treyarch working on Call of Duty game (instead of two), and I can not help but feel that the failure to meet my expectations, lacking the glamor and futuristic campaign progression of the figures. , Of course, as dedicated players are starting to play around with the new featureswill find extra depth, but my interest I'm just focusing on one player, but mozhamda help but feel a little disappointed.


The House 2017 Full Watch Movie

The House A man and his wife are desperate to make the money they use their college fund to their daughter. They join forces with some neighbors of an illegal casino in suburban management, especially in the basement of their home.

Language: English

Classification: NA

General Release Date: June 292017


Duration of work: Not available

Distributor: Warner Bros. PHOTOS

Cast: Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Ryan Simpson, Jason Mantzoukas

Director: Andrew Cohen J.

Format: 2D

Two young men debt to pay decidedto start risky, and it's about to light up!

With your marriage on the edgeThe collapse, developed two fraud squads (Debra Winger, Tracey Letts) sparked between them that their passion flared again suddenly.

Two Stoners who are dominated by debt have decided to break into the medical marijuana business. They need to learn how to grow it, as they have experts,Who can smoke it.

Debra Winger and Tracy Lets play long marriage, discouragedSome isBeide in the middle of serious business. But be on the verge of callinghim leave, a spark between them suddenly ignited again, to lead them into impulsive romance.

A father convinced his friends to startAn illegal casino in his basement after he and his wife spent college fund at their daughter.

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, try the aging actor (Sam Eliot) and her estranged daughter (Krysten Ritter) reconciled with a new relationship with a wild woman (Laura Repon).

It's 1914. Like the First WorldWar, the mighty Ottoman Empire is disintegrating. Constantinople, once living,a multicultural capital on the shore of the Bosphorus, is consumed by chaos. Michael Boghosian, at the cosmopolitan center as a medical student determined to return modern medicine to Siroun, his native village in the southern partOf Turkey where Turkish Muslims and Armenian Christians lived for centuries next to each other. Photo journalist Chris Myers, come here only partially to cover geo-politics. He is gefassineerDeur his love Anna, Armenian artist who accompanied to Paris after the suddenDeath of his father.If Michael Anne met, discover their shared Armenian attraction heritage, which broke out in a romantic rivalry between the two men. As the Turks allied with Germany and the Empire, they turned violently against their own ethnic minorities contradictoryYour passions must be delayed until they merge to survive, even if the events threaten to crush.